Satin Pillowcase - Sage
Satin Pillowcase - Sage

Satin Pillowcase - Sage

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Are you ready to up your comfort, while doing something good for your skin and hair?These satin pillowcases have quickly become out new favourite thing in our homes. They help to promote happier skin with the smooth and breathable satin that can help fight skin creases, blemishes and irritation so you can wake up fresh-faced. We also love that they help prevent your hairs breakage with silky, frictionless satin - you are protected against frizz, tangles & tugging on your hair. Finally, satin helps to regulate temperature, so you'll always have a cool side of the pillow. 
  • Kitsch Holiday Satin Ivory Pillowcase is the perfect holiday treat
  • The festive packaging design is a must-have to decorate your home or gift to loved ones
  • Elevate beauty rest with the luxurious feel of satin
  • May help tame frizz & reduce breakage while sleeping
  • Aids skin in retaining moisture
  • May help reduce breakouts
  • May help prevent facial creases from sleeping
  • Gentle on eyelashes, eyebrows and most skin & hair types
  • Includes 1 Queen/Standard size pillowcase (26"x19") with zipper