Safety Razor Blade Refills (10pc)
Safety Razor Blade Refills (10pc)
Safety Razor Blade Refills (10pc)

Safety Razor Blade Refills (10pc)

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  • Gives you the smoothest, closest, & most comfortable shave you’ve ever had
  • Single-blade, stainless steel razor blade means less drag, less irritation, less razor burn & fewer ingrown hairs
  • Chic, plastic-free design features an extra-long handle so you can shave sustainably & effortlessly
  • Includes: 1 metal handle, 5 razor blades & razor cap


  1. Twist razor head or handle to separate and open the blade chamber. 
  2. Carefully unwrap the new blade; hold it by the short edge & gently place it in the top half of the blade chamber. Place the bottom half of the chamber back on, then twist the razor head and handle back together to close. 
  3. Wet your skin & generously coat desired areas with the Kitsch Solid Shave Butter. 
  4. Gently glide the razor against skin at a 30° angle using short strokes & very little pressure. 
  5. Rinse razor when finished & allow it to dry completely.
  6. For the most effective shave, use a fresh blade each time. 

4 Reasons Why Millions of Women are Switching to Safety Razors

1. a better shave

Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric razors.

2. cost savings

While the razor itself is more expensive at first, safety razor should last for years to come. As cartridge razor blade replacements are more expensive and the razor itself doesn't last long.

3. reduces plastic waste

In 2021, Americans threw out over 385 million plastic razors into the landfill. If you’re looking to go plastic-free, metal safety razors are a sustainable replacement that’s built to last.

4. easy to use

All you have to do is use it at a 30 degree angle and apply very little pressure. The weight of the razor will allow you to use very little pressure to glide gently across your skin for the closest shave ever with no irritation.