We’re a mother daughter duo from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. We have been making travel and makeup bags together since 2016.  Meet Marlene + Sydney:

Sydney has always had a passion for creating and supporting local businesses. She started off with a lemonade stand at the age of 5 and her parents knew she would be an entrepreneur one day. She loves her husky corgi mix named Bohdi, coffee and baking. If she’s not at home, she’s probably out for a drive with Bohdi, hanging out the window and she will have a coffee in her hand. She’s also a huge fan of restaurant hopping and can tell you all about the best spots to eat.

Marlene has been sewing since she was 16, where she got her inspiration from a favourite aunt. She started making clothes and then becoming involved in making draperies, duvet covers and cushions, so working with Sydney to make our bags was a natural progression. Marlene loves dogs, home decor and gardening.